Jenna Sudds

How we Move, Grow & Thrive in Arcadia

“How we move” is certainly top of mind in Arcadia. Having knocked on every single door in your neighbourhood these past months and having had the pleasure of talking to many of you, the main concern that I have heard time and time again at your doors is the extension of Campeau Drive. Many of you purchased your homes with the expectation that the Campeau extension serving your neighbourhood would have been completed years ago. I understand your frustration and am committed to working with city staff, Minto, and the province to get this road built as soon as possible. Furthermore, I am committed to ensuring that, as your neighbourhood continues to grow, the required roads, including Huntmar, get the investments needed to connect you.

I have also heard concerns about the Carp River Restoration Project and the pathways in the area. I understand there are a few missing links that need to be addressed and will work to prioritize these. I also understand the need for power to your current park to enable your ice rink this winter. As the next phases of your community are built, I will work with the developer and the community to ensure the park space is completed in a timely manner, and I will work with the community to fundraise for additional community space and amenities.

Mosquitoes are also a very big issue in your neighbourhood. The high water table and the flat topography of our community unfortunately creates a haven for mosquito reproduction. I have witnessed first hand the mosquitoes in your neighbourhood this summer. I am committed to working with you to determine how best to move forward when the current pilot mosquito nuisance program is completed. This is an ongoing and unique issue to Kanata North and I believe the city has a responsibility to address it.

As one of the newest neighbourhoods in Kanata North you are asking for better bus service. I understand the need and I am committed to working with you to increase the level of service. I will also work to secure the funding needed to move forward with LRT in a timely manner. Kanata must be included in this project.

There are concerns about on-street parking in Arcadia. I am committed to holding a public consultation with your neighbourhood to discuss this issue and work with you to find solutions.

These are my commitments to you and your neighbours in Arcadia if I have the honour of serving as your City Councillor. I am dedicated to our community and ready to ensure Arcadia has the representation it needs and deserves.

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