Jenna Sudds

These are some questions I have been asked frequently. Have a question for me? Reach out anytime at You can read my campaign priorities and commitments for Kanata North here.

What sets you apart from the other Kanata North candidates?

I have a Masters degree in Economics, and I spent the first 12 years of my career working as an economist in the Federal Government. I then left the government in 2013 and became the founding President and Executive Director of the newly formed Kanata North Business Association. Continue reading

How can we improve congestion on Terry Fox and March Road?

We have a serious congestion problem on both March Road and Terry Fox Drive. Our Kanata North community keeps growing, and with the Kanata North technology park also growing and attracting more businesses and talent, our roads are simply not set up to handle all this increased traffic. Continue reading

If elected, how will you engage with the community?

Communication is key. If I have the honour of serving as your City Councillor, I am committed to keeping you, Kanata North, informed about the issues that matter most to you. Continue reading


Varley Drive: Two schools, hundreds of kids and too many cars. Beaverbrook is our oldest community in Kanata North. It was built in a simpler time. Kids walked to school and the pathway system that was the vision of Bill Teron was ideal and was safe. Continue reading

What's your take on the Kanata North Nuisance Mosquito Control Program?

Kanata North is fortunate to be home to some significant wetlands, as well as the South March Highlands and Trillium Woods. The high water table and the flat topography of our community unfortunately, creates a haven for mosquito reproduction. In fact, we have 44 different species of mosquitoes. Continue reading

What is your position on retail sales of Cannabis?

The Federal Government has approved the legalization of cannabis. Retail sales of cannabis in our country, province and our city is coming. We cannot stop this even if we wanted to. The Federal and Provincial governments are moving forward. The City of Ottawa must now act quickly and responsibly to ensure we proceed with caution and put safety above all else. Continue reading

What does the LRT delay mean for Kanata North?

Today we learned that once again the opening of our LRT has been delayed until 2019. This is the second delay and it has real tangible consequences for our community. Continue reading

Do you have any comments on the planned commercial plaza at 5100 Kanata Avenue?

Marcel Denomme, VP Land Development, Urbandale It was great to meet with you to discuss the projects that Urbandale has underway in Kanata North. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss and to share my ideas and concerns that have been raised by the community as I have been out canvassing for the last 5 months. Continue reading

What's your take on LRT to Kanata?

LRT to Kanata must be a priority! This is a major City building opportunity and an investment in our City and our future. Kanata must be connected. Continue reading

Do you have any comments in regards to the Official Plan Amendment Proposal for the Kanata Town Centre

Re: Official Plan Amendment ProposalFile Number: D01-01-18-0005 Good afternoon Emily, Thank you for your work on the proposed official plan amendment affecting the lands within the Kanata Town Centre. Also thank you for taking the time to discuss the plan with me and answer my questions. I appreciate your openness. Continue reading