How we Move, Grow & Thrive in Beaverbrook

Beaverbrook is truly a remarkable community.  The mature trees, winding roads and pathways connecting throughout the neighbourhood are extraordinary.  It’s been a pleasure knocking on every single door in this neighbourhood and engaging in wonderful and inspiring conversations.

One thing is clear.  You have told me that you feel like Beaverbrook has been forgotten and neglected since amalgamation.  You are worried about the level of services you receive. I am committed to working towards better maintenance and upkeep of your roads and your pathways.

Many of you have also expressed concerns about the growth and development that is happening in Kanata and how this could impact Beaverbrook as well. We know that the development north of the Beaverpond is moving forward.  We can’t stop it. However, moving forward, I am committed to protecting our trees and our green space to ensure generations to come can enjoy nature and the green Kanata we have all come to love.

I have also heard that your beautiful streets can be dangerous due to missing sidewalks and speeding.  With everyone - young and old - enjoying the neighbourhood, you are worried about an accident waiting to happen.  I will look to effective traffic calming measures and enforcement, especially in school zones, to keep your roads safe for all to enjoy.

Lastly, I know you are proud of your heritage and Beaverbrook has some very unique elements and history we should be protecting.  The Beaverbrook Community Association has been doing amazing work to restore the original street signs in your neighbourhoods. It would be my honour to support the hard work of the Community Association on this project and others moving forward.

Beaverbrook is a model community to be held up as an example for others.  Today’s developers however don’t build communities the same way and the City of Ottawa has densification objectives they are striving for.  I will be a strong voice pushing back on densification in established areas and only support it along the future LRT lines where it makes the most sense.

I will be a strong independent City Councillor who will work on these priorities and priorities for all of Kanata North.  I have a proven track record of building collaborative relationships and getting things done. It would be an honour to serve as your City Councillor.

Please reach out anytime with any suggestions, ideas or concerns you may have.

P.S - Click here to download a copy to share with family, friends, and neighbours!