Varley Drive: Two schools, hundreds of kids and too many cars.

Beaverbrook is our oldest community in Kanata North. It was built in a simpler time. Kids walked to school and the pathway system that was the vision of Bill Teron was ideal and was safe.

Flash forward to 2018 and there are so many buses, cars, and kids all sharing the roads in Beaverbrook. Speeding on Varley and throughout Beaverbrook is a concern. Not all parents are comfortable allowing their children to use the pathways, but sidewalks are virtually non-existent. This becomes particularly treacherous in winter with high snow banks narrowing our streets further and reducing visibility.

As a fellow parent, and your City Councillor candidate, I take these concerns seriously.

My commitments to you:

  • Effective traffic calming measures and enforcement along Varley to ensure cars slow down, particularly in marked school zones.
  • Painting of "end lines" on the pathways where they meet roads so that children are more aware and don't dart out into traffic. These "end lines" along with a few words of caution could help us avert a tragedy.
  • I will also speak with residents who live alongside these pathways, and where hedges have become a safety hazard and are blocking clear view of the pathway and traffic on the road. I will work towards a safer solution. This may mean suggesting the removal of the last tree in the hedge to increase visibility.
  • I will also work to secure a connecting sidewalk along Varley Drive and, if necessary, more crossing guard resources.
  • Lastly, I will create a communications campaign to remind both adults and children of the hazards and best practices.

Safety in our community and for our children is critical. Beaverbrook is a beautiful, thriving neighbourhood. We must be proactive so it remains this way, and ensure our kids make it home safe each and every day.