Jenna Sudds

How we Move, Grow & Thrive in Briarbrook

Having knocked on every door in Briarbrook, Brookside and Shirley's Brook neighbourhoods, it is clear that taking a bus from within our community is a real challenge, and it’s a frustrating experience. Many have expressed that they have given up and purchased a second car. This is not acceptable. I am committed to improving the level and quality of bus service offered in our community. I am also committed to ensuring your voice is heard and you have the opportunity to provide ongoing input on transit via a newly formed Transit Committee for our area.

This community is also a fairly young one with a lot of families, many of whom I’ve met over the years at South March Public School. I have personally witnessed excessive speeding and you have told me that safety is a priority. South March Public school is nestled in the middle of the neighbourhood. Yet Klondike, Maxwell Bridge, Marconi and Shirley’s Brook are all key areas in which we need effective traffic calming measures and increased enforcement by police to ensure safety of our children and everyone on the roads.

Many in this community have asked questions and expressed concerns about the new development planned just north of this neighbourhood, along March Road. We also have a proposed six storey apartment building on the corner of March Road and Klondike. I heard concerns about increased congestion on our roads and concerns about what will be built in peoples’ backyards. I am committed to working with residents and the developers to minimize the disruption. I will work to ensure that this new development has the roads, pathways and cycling infrastructure needed and that it also includes green spaces and parks for all to enjoy.

As a young community, I have also heard time and again your desire for Ottawa to do more to protect our environment. Our children are being taught at school the impact we can have as individuals by recycling and composting, and through simple steps like saying ‘no’ to using a straw. I support your concerns and am committed to leading Ottawa into the future with a stronger commitment to our environment by banning single use plastics, a bylaw for green roofs for new commercial development and increased use of green techniques in building our City.

I love your neighbourhood! With an abundance of parks and soccer fields, the great career opportunities offered by the Kanata North tech park, and a rich selection of housing types, Briarbrook Brookside is an amazing place to live. However, we do have work to do, and I am committed to you and your neighbourhood.

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