Chinese Canadian Collective Survey

I am happy to share with you my responses to the Chinese Canadian Collective Survey. Please reach out anytime if you have questions or would like to discuss details:



Many newcomers and marginalized folks, including Chinese seniors and families, use and frequent community centres to stay active and involved. Some community centres are located in neighbourhoods with high concentrations of the Chinese community such as the Kanata Recreation Centre, Richcraft Recreation Complex (Kanata), Minto Recreation Complex (Barrhaven), Walter Baker Sports Centre, Plant Recreation Centre, McNabb Community Centre and more. How will you ensure these community centres are accessible to those who do not speak or read the dominant languages, being English or French?

Kanata North has a large Chinese population many of whom make frequent use of the recreation centres in our community. I support installing Chinese signage within these facilities to ensure they are welcoming and accessible to the Chinese residents of our community. I am also committed to support the good work of the Chinese Canadian Collective and the Kanata Chinese Seniors Support Centre. I believe these are essential services and I want to ensure our Chinese seniors and families can thrive in our community.

OC Transpo - A: This fall, numerous bus routes were changed and shortened to encourage LRT transfers. The LRT has since been delayed to Winter of 2019. Shortened routes like that of the #11 that passes through Somerset St. West and the Chinatown area impact the Chinese community, including seniors, where additional transfers and shortages may affect their accessibility to and from destinations. What will you do to address these issues while the LRT is delayed and while the LRT is operating?

I support reinstating the service that was in place before the changes that occured the first week of September. Until we have a launch date for LRT we need to ensure we maintain adequate bus service for all in our community. Also noting that LRT is not planned for Kanata North anytime in the near future, it is critical that we improve the current level of bus service throughout our community.

OC Transpo - B: How will you engage customers whose dominant language is not English or French in public consultations regarding issues such as bus route changes, town halls and customer feedback?

Given the high population of Chinese residents in Kanata North, I will strive to ensure I can receive their feedback in the language of their choice. I will work with the Chinese community to have an ongoing dialogue and would be happy to formalize an input mechanism, such as a Community Leader and/or Council that I will work with to ensure the Chinese community is well served and represented.

OC Transpo - C: What will you do to ensure that OC Transpo’s services are more affordable and accessible for low-income folks?

I understand that many low-income earners rely on public transit in order to move around our community. I believe transit should be affordable. This means it must be geared to accommodate low-income earners. I will support this goal if elected.

Current Rideau Raceway casino ads are targeting the Chinese community in Ottawa with orientalist graphics and advertisements written entirely in Chinese characters. Gambling is a social activity ingrained in Chinese culture and is also a common problem within the community. How will you ensure that the community is not being unfairly targeted for gambling? What will you do to also challenge the stereotypes and racial bias that is prevalent in the city and that Chinese Canadians continue to face?

It would be an honour to work closely with the Chinese community to address these concerns. I need your ideas and your input in order to best represent you as your City Councillor. The only way this can be achieved is by building strong relationships and ongoing communication. I would be happy to formalize a mechanism for regular meetings with the Chinese community to address these concerns.

Post-amalgamation, the City of Ottawa has never had a Black, East or Southeast Asian councillor on city council. What will you do to ensure that marginalized groups have the same opportunity and chance to be involved in municipal politics as others do?

It makes me sad that we need to have this conversation. I strongly believe that our elected officials, senior bureaucrats and city staff should reflect the diversity of our City. It currently does not. This is an issue I feel very strongly about and one of the reasons I have decided to run. I am committed to supporting increased diversity to ensure our decision making is informed and reflective of the needs of all in Ottawa. I would be happy to support having a robust consultation on this, to better understand the barriers marginalized groups face so that we can work to find solutions.

Chinatown has been experiencing gentrification for years. Newer development is pushing out lower income families and local businesses, changing its landscape and affordability. Chinatown is not only a home to many, but a hub for those from the Chinese community living in other wards to come together to reconnect with food, family and history. How will you ensure that affordable housing and suitable businesses remain while retaining the history and heart of the neighbourhood?

I would work closely with our Chinese community and the Chinatown BIA on this issue. I respect these concerns and acknowledge the importance of ensuring that Chinatown continues to be the amazing neighbourhood and hub for our Chinese community. The ideas and input from the Chinese community is critical to ensure that Chinatown retains its history and meets the housing needs of the residents.

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