Francophone Community Survey

Même si je ne parle pas le français, je reconnais et je comprends l'importance de notre communauté francophone à Kanata-Nord.  Je vais travailler pour améliorer mon français afin de servir la communauté dans nos deux langues officielles. Pour lire les réponses en français qui ont été traduits par l’ACFO Ottawa, cliquez ici.


I am happy to share with you my responses to the Francophone Community Survey. Please reach out anytime if you have questions or would like to discuss details:


What are the principal reasons that motivated you to be a candidate in the 2018 municipal elections?

I have worked in Kanata North for many years. My three daughters have gone to school in Kanata North for the last 9 years. I do all my volunteer work and all of my shopping in Kanata North. For the last 5 years I was the founding President of the Kanata North Business Association, building that organization from the ground up. I’ve also spent the last 8 years on the Board and served as the Chair of the Kanata Food Cupboard. My entire life is in Kanata North and I am so grateful to have such an amazing community to raise my family in. I am however concerned about the future. We are rapidly growing and we need strong leadership.

If elected, I will work hard to secure a commitment and funding for LRT to Kanata and create a revised and efficient bus service for residents. I will protect our green spaces and increase environmental leadership in our city. I’m determined to create economic opportunities in our Technology Park, leading to more jobs in our community. I will lead with integrity to make our community a better place, ensuring our needs are met and that everyone has the opportunity to thrive. It would be an honour to serve as City Councillor for Kanata North.


In your opinion, what are the major issues for francophones in your ward and more broadly, in the city?

I have consistently been hearing from francophones in Kanata North that they are frustrated by the lack of programming at city facilities in Kanata North. Specifically the need for PD day programs, summer camps, and recreation programs including swimming lessons. We need to ensure we are serving francophones better in Kanata North.


Following the official recognition of the bilingual character of the City of Ottawa by the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in December 2017, what actions do you intend to pursue to promote the bilingual character of the city?

I will work with the community, city staff and other elected officials to identify ways to serve the francophone community in the City. I would support setting up a Kanata North Francophone Advisory Council that will assist me in championing these issues.


How could the City of Ottawa better collaborate with the governments of Ontario and Canada to ensure the equality of French and English on the entirety of its territory?

The City of Ottawa should advocate for additional funding from the Province and Federal Government, to support growth in francophone programming. This additional programming would allow the city to be in a better position to do more.
As mentioned above, I would support establishing a Francophone Council in Kanata North that can provide input into the needs and suggestions on next steps.


How could the City collaborate with Gatineau and the National Capital Commission (NCC) on issues such as bilingualism, tourism, public transit, or any other question of public interest?

There are some formal channels in place to encourage collaboration with the City of Gatineau and the NCC. We need to ensure the current mechanisms are working and if needed, tweaked to facilitate better services for all in our city. I would rely on the input of our Kanata North community and establish a Francophone Council that can help me navigate the work ahead of us to address the above mentioned issues and ensure improvement.