How we grow

Kanata North is a growing community. New neighbourhoods and investments in infrastructure are important and necessary. However, we must find a way to move forward without destroying our forests and green spaces. I will be your advocate for well-planned neighbourhoods that respect and protect Kanata North’s green spaces.  

As Kanata North continues to grow, we must ensure that new neighbourhoods are people centric. We must build communities people want to live in, that are diverse in housing choices and pedestrian and bicycle friendly.  I will work diligently on new development files to ensure we build people centric communities that strive to create the best possible outcomes for residents.

We should be doing so much more as a community to protect our environment for future generations.  I am committed to making Ottawa a leader in environmental initiatives. We must improve participation in recycling and compost programs, look for opportunities to green our infrastructure projects, eliminate single use plastics, and look to preserve our greenspaces. If we don’t do better, our children and grandchildren will sadly pay the price for our behaviour.

Our community has experienced tremendous growth over the last decade. As a growing community, I have heard many concerns about safety. It is my priority to ensure that Kanata North remains a safe place to live, work, retire and raise a family. I will work with our police and community representatives to address concerns about crime and speeding in our neighbourhoods to make Kanata North’s neighbourhoods safe, liveable and accessible for all - including enhanced pedestrian and cycling routes.

I am committed to working with you to make sure Kanata North grows in a way that is inclusive and works for all of us, from individuals and young families to retirees and senior citizens.

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