How we move

Kanata North residents have made it abundantly clear - inefficient bus service and crowded roads in poor condition are daily frustrations. I am committed to working on behalf of all Kanata North residents to ensure our ability to move in and around our community is improved dramatically.

The LRT project is the most significant transportation initiative Ottawa has ever undertaken. I have worked tirelessly to secure LRT to Kanata since 2013. I have participated in every single consultation in the last five years, and have worked with our current MP, Mayor, and Councillor to ensure Kanata is included in this project. We have an environmental assessment and route approved by City Council and now we need funding. There is still much to be done. I will advocate for Kanata North at every opportunity to secure the funding needed to move forward with LRT to Kanata in acceptable timelines.

The current OC Transpo bus routes serving Kanata North cause daily frustrations for thousands and desperately needs to be improved. I will immediately seek residents’ input into a review process for our bus services and work with OC Transpo to create a system that provides the value we deserve. I will also create a Kanata North Transit Committee for ongoing review and feedback, to ensure that the bus system is serving our area in the best possible way.

Over the last number of years as the city heavily invested in LRT, our roads have been neglected and are increasingly congested. As our community continues to grow, we need investments in our roads, walkways and cycling routes. This is critical to the future of Kanata North. I will work with the community to ensure our projects are prioritized and reflected in future capital budgets. These decisions will be guided by the community and will look to improve the safety for everyone on the roads.

I want the quality of life in Kanata North to be second to none. By working with the community, gaining valuable input through public consultation, and establishing strong relationships with my fellow Councillors and city staff, I believe we can achieve that objective. A commitment for LRT to Kanata, revamped bus service for our community, and investments in roads, pathways, and cycling routes will mean that we can move around our community safely and with ease. That is my aspiration for Kanata North.

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