Jenna Sudds

How we move, grow & thrive in Kanata Lakes


Mosquitoes are a major concern throughout Kanata North and in particular in Kanata Lakes. Kanata North is fortunate to be home to some significant wetlands, as well as the South March Highlands and Trillium Woods. The high water table and the flat topography of our community unfortunately creates a haven for mosquito reproduction.  I am committed to working with you to determine how best to move forward when the current pilot mosquito nuisance program is complete. This is an ongoing and unique issue to Kanata North and I believe the city has a responsibility to address it.

As I have gone door to door these last seven months, you have been very concerned about the developments happening in Kanata North, particularly on the land north of the Beaverpond.  The clearcutting of this forest is devastating. It displaced many animals and destroyed a natural forest that was enjoyed by so many in our community. In the coming years this area will become home to 3,000 new homes. I will work actively to review the subdivision plans, working with the developers to ensure this new development is done well and that the path around the Beaverpond is restored and enhanced.

We also need to ensure our roads are designed to handle the additional residents that will move into our community as these homes are built.  Ensuring that your neighbourhood streets do not become cut throughs and that we have sufficient capacity on our main arterial roads to handle this growth is critical. I am committed to overseeing this growth and working to secure the investments in our roads, pathways and cycling routes. I am also committed to reviewing and re-designing our bus service to improve efficiencies and create the service you deserve.

I have witnessed and heard a lot about speeding in your neighbourhood. The installation of speed cushions along Knudson Drive, although well intentioned, is a daily frustration for residents and has caused unpredictable and erratic behaviour as drivers try to avoid the cushions.  This is causing additional safety concerns for drivers but also for cyclists. I am committed to effective traffic calming measures - which means the right solution in the right place. I will work to reduce speeding and increase enforcement on our streets.

Many of you have shared with me how important it is that we have employment in our community. The many businesses in Kanata including the over 21,000 jobs in the Kanata North Tech park need to be protected and these businesses supported so they continue to grow here.  I am committed to supporting employment growth as I have done for the last five years as the founding President of the Kanata North Business Association.  I am also committed to working with our high schools to better connect our kids to the innovation and opportunities in our tech park.  

Our jobs are our future.  As our community continues to grow, it is essential that we ensure there are activities and opportunities for our kids to engage in that allows them to grow as individuals.  I will start a Youth Council that I will meet with on a regular basis to ensure we are providing our youth with the services and opportunities they need to succeed.

I have spent the last seven months listening to you Kanata Lakes and your concerns and ideas. I am ready and committed to serve you moving forward, if I earn the opportunity to serve as your Councillor.

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