How can we improve congestion on Terry Fox and March Road?

We have a serious congestion problem on both March Road and Terry Fox Drive. Our Kanata North community keeps growing, and with the Kanata North technology park also growing and attracting more businesses and talent, our roads are simply not set up to handle all this increased traffic.

Aggravating the situation currently is the temporary closure of Goulbourn Forced Road, which will reopen after Christmas. This will improve the situation, but it won't be enough. I will advocate for Kanata North at every opportunity to secure the funding needed to move forward with LRT to Kanata in acceptable timelines. However, in the short term, we need to (1) invest in better bus service to reduce the cars on our roads, and (2) invest in needed improvements to roads and cycling routes.

If elected, I will set up a task force to seek community input to improve our bus service and to work to secure prioritized investments in our roads. I will also review traffic signal sequencing on March Road and Terry Fox to ensure better traffic flow.

I am also committed to exploring opportunities to embrace autonomous drive technologies and the potential to have autonomous shuttles in the median of March Road creating better service for everyone.

We are fortunate to be living in a growing and thriving community. However, it is critical that further growth is managed well to minimize traffic frustrations while increasing road safety.