LRT delayed. Again.

Today we learned that once again the opening of our LRT has been delayed until 2019. This is the second delay and it has real tangible consequences for our community. We already experience disruptions in our day to day commutes with construction and unreliable service. Our bus routes have already been revised to account for LRT coming online in November, which has resulted in inefficiencies and wasted time for many in our community.

Understandably, residents are losing confidence in this project.

I feel strongly that we need to get LRT right. Getting it right, however, means open and clear communication about this project, its progress and realistic timelines that residents can rely on when planning their commutes.

Last week I shared my campaign priorities around how we move as a community. This includes a commitment to secure LRT to Kanata faster, and it also includes a commitment to immediately review and redesign our current bus service. Kanata North is underserved and deserves better. I am also committed to establishing a Transit Review Committee that will provide ongoing input on bus service and ensures that we achieve and maintain a better level of service.

We deserve better, and we can do better! I am disappointed and motivated more than ever to work to ensure that the City’s single largest investment in infrastructure, the LRT, is managed well and that Kanata North is included earlier than post 2031.