Jenna Sudds

How we Move, Grow & Thrive in Morgan’s Grant

After knocking on every door in Morgan’s Grant over the last 6 months, residents have made it clear that this neighbourhood has unique issues and concerns.   Namely, poor transit service, speeding, congestion and a desire to protect our green spaces, maintain the mosquito program and increase opportunities for jobs and for youth.

You have been clear in your desire for LRT to Kanata.  In the short term, however, better service is needed now!  Lengthy bus rides and unreliable service have plagued Morgan’s Grant for too long. The new Innovation Park and Ride isn’t helping matters.  I am committed to initiating a community review and re-design of our existing bus routes.  I am also committed to establishing a Transit Review Committee that I will meet with on a regular basis to ensure that the bus service meets the needs of our community.

I have also heard your concerns about speeding on Klondike, Halton Terrace, Flamborough Way, Ipswich, Brady and Old Second Line among others. Effective traffic calming measures are a priority.  Safety in our neighbourhoods is a must.  Further, I believe we need to better support our police force with the resources they need to be able to enforce traffic laws and keep our communities safe. I am committed to working towards these goals.

I also hear your concerns regarding traffic on March Road and on Terry Fox, particularly at the beginning and end of day. The congestion is a sign of our growing community, strong employment in our tech park - and inefficient road network.  My commitment is to work for better light sequencing to keep traffic moving and to also champion the need for investments in our roads to get us moving.

Many in Morgan’s Grant have expressed how lucky we are to live so close to the South March Highlands and Trillium Woods. I couldn’t agree more. My family loves these woods.  The proximity to these green spaces is amazing, as is the opportunity to work in Kanata North in the Kanata North Tech Park. I am committed to protecting our green spaces and growing jobs in our community to make Kanata North an even better place to live and work.  Let’s also not forget about your pets.  Many residents have expressed a desire for a dog park and I am happy to work with the community to find a suitable location for this.

Lastly, you’ve told me you are worried about your kids.  They need better transit to get to part-time jobs and activities, but they also need the opportunity to become better connected to the many opportunities in the community in our business and technology sector. I am committed to formalizing a program to connect the high schools in Kanata North to the business community, and I am also committed to starting a Youth Council to ensure their voices are heard and listened to.

I am listening to you Morgan’s Grant. I am working hard to ensure that I understand the concerns you’ve raised and I am ready to act should I earn the opportunity to serve as your City Councillor for Kanata North.

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