Jenna Sudds

Comments on Official Plan Amendment Proposal Kanata Town Centre

Re: Official Plan Amendment Proposal
File Number: D01-01-18-0005

Good afternoon Emily,

Thank you for your work on the proposed official plan amendment affecting the lands within the Kanata Town Centre. Also thank you for taking the time to discuss the plan with me and answer my questions. I appreciate your openness.

I commend the City for proposing to increase the size of the park on these lands and for prioritizing preservation of this natural asset. This will be cherished by many generations to come.

As discussed my concerns, and the concerns shared with me by community members relating to this amendment stem from the following:

1. Proposed update of section (Commercial)
Although I support the amendment I would stress the need to ensure that adequate zoning by-laws are in place which will achieve the vision for the mix of Commercial uses.

2. Proposed update to section (Residential)
Plan to include updated residential density minimum target numbers and direction for Kanata Avenue in order to achieve higher densities due to its proximity to Light Rail Transit which is fitting in this development. However I would request that this development should not be allowed to happen until a traffic study is undertaken and measures taken to ensure the road infrastructure is in place to handle the increase - particularly Campeau Drive.

3. Deletion of section
Understanding that this section needs to be updated I believe the following statements should remain as direction for the Central Business District: "Commercial uses encouraged will include specialty shops supplying products such as bakery goods, fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, clothing, cafes, and other sues intended to serve the needs of the local population and complement the general retail uses provided in the Regional Shopping Centre."

"A very high degree of attention will be devoted to the achievement of quality built form. Design guidelines will be more detailed than for other parts of the Town Centre to help ensure that the development is ultimately the show piece of the Community which continuously attracts residents and visitors."

"An opportunity for independent commercial ownership will be encouraged in order to help
foster synergistic mix of uses and activity."

4. Proposed amendments to Section - Central Business District
The permitted uses outlined in this section are not acceptable for Kanata Ave or Campeau. This development should focus on serving the needs to the local community as per the encouraged used in point 3 above. By ensuring unique offerings you will enable the street to come alive and serve the local residents. This is paramount to the success of this business district.

In addition to the comments above I would like to stress the following:
● Kanata does not have a traditional Main street and this is our one opportunity to do so and to ensure it is done well for the benefit and enjoyment of generations to come.
● Densification of development in the Kanata Town Centre lands is fitting but should not proceed without traffic studies undertaken and a plan for an enhanced Campeau Drive concurrently undertaken.
● We must ensure that we are able to shape the commercial opportunities to maintain the original vision for these lands.
● We need to develop design guidelines in consultation with the Community to ensure this development achieves the communities vision.

Thank you again for your work on this file and I appreciate your consideration of the points
outlined above.


Jenna Sudds

Candidate for City Coucillor - Kanata North
And concerned resident