Jenna Sudds

How we Move, Grow & Thrive in Richardson Ridge

Having spent a considerable amount of time canvassing in Richardson Ridge and speaking with many of you, I know that your neighbourhood has some uniques challenges. You still have construction underway and you are still waiting for some commitments from the builders and the city to complete development.

The number one topic of conversation at peoples’ doors has been mosquitoes. Many residents have shared with me that the mosquitoes are unbearable. The high water table and the flat topography of our community unfortunately creates a haven for mosquito reproduction. I am committed to working with you to determine how best to move forward when the current pilot mosquito nuisance program is completed. This is an ongoing and unique issue to Kanata North and I believe the city has a responsibility to address it.

You have also shared concerns about speeding on our streets. Richardson Ridge is hilly and with cars speeding, it is especially dangerous. Some of the intersections still do not have painted stop lines. Additionally, you’ve shared the need for stop signs and crosswalks to improve road safety for our kids. In the spring, I advocated for you to have the traffic signal installed at Terry Fox and Huntsville and I will continue to work on your behalf. I am committed to mitigating these safety issues in your neighbourhood with effective traffic calming measures to ensure intersections are safe and properly marked.

Lack of public transit and congestion on Terry Fox are also issues affecting your daily lives. Many of you have expressed a desire to take public transit but are frustrated by the lack of service your neighbourhood receives. With few people opting to take public transit, we are faced with severe congestion at peak times on Terry Fox Drive. I am committed to ensure we:

  • Sequence the stop lights along Terry Fox to maximize traffic flow
  • Work with you to re-design our current bus routes to serve you better
  • Invest in our roads, walkways and cycling routes

Lastly, I have heard your concerns about the developers’ commitment (or lack of) to your neighbourhood. You’ve expressed frustrations about messy construction sites and you are disappointed that your park has not been built. I will work with the developers and city staff to address these concerns and work proactively to ensure your neighbourhood is safe, and that the park is completed in a timely manner.

Richardson Ridge is a beautiful neighbourhood! You have my commitment that I will work with you to ensure your voice is heard at City Hall to address your concerns and further improve our community.

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