How we Move, Grow & Thrive: Kanata North Seniors

We are so fortunate in Kanata North to have a large number of healthy and vibrant seniors who call Kanata North home. This is apparent by visiting the Kanata Seniors Centre. A quick glance at the programming is evidence of the many activities being offered. It makes me tired just reading it!

Having had the pleasure of speaking with hundreds of seniors during the last number of months, I do understand the unique concerns faced by our seniors. First and foremost are concerns around the rising cost of living. Many of you are on fixed incomes, and you are concerned about tax increases and increased cost of living in general. I understand these concerns, and if elected to serve as your Councillor, I will always be mindful of affordability. I am an economist by study, and I understand the value of every penny earned. I am committed to maintaining affordable tax rates and working to ensuring that everyone in our community gets the value they deserve for their taxes.

I have also heard about your concerns about growth and the resulting traffic and congestion on Campeau Drive, Terry Fox, and March Road. I strongly believe in the need to invest in our roads, pathways and cycling routes as we continue to grow as a community. We cannot continue to build homes and not invest in the roads that will serve them.

You have also shared the need to make it easier for you to walk around our community. Staying active is important, and I understand there is a need for more benches in Kanata North. In particular, Campeau Drive and the area adjacent to the Kanata Centrum are in need of more benches, which would make it easier for you to stay active and walk around our community. It would be an honour to work on this with you.

If I have the opportunity to serve as your Councillor, I am committed to ensuring your voice is heard. This means that I will work with our current Kanata Seniors Council and also establish a Kanata North Seniors Action Committee that I will meet with regularly. I will ensure ongoing communication through town hall meetings, regular newspaper columns, and email newsletters.

Our Seniors have so much to offer and we can all learn from your experience. Please trust that I value your opinions and my door is always open. I hope we can work together to ensure that Kanata North is an amazing community for all: young and old.