We’re sprouting more than lawn signs

Today is an exciting day! It is the day that campaign signs start popping up around our city. It marks a significant milestone in the incredible adventure we began back in May, and it is hard to believe we are now just two months shy of election day!

While the excitement of this day is real for me, I have to admit it also comes with remorse. When I look at all the aspects of running a campaign, the one item that has always frustrated me is the traditional lawn sign.

Lawn signs are made out of non-recyclable material, making them absolutely horrible for the environment. Their use is limited after the campaign, and I had a hard time coming to terms with this idea. However, they are truly one of the most visible ways to show support and, so importantly, remind people to vote on October 22nd.

I realized that there was something I could do. Something that will help offset the impact on the environment. So today, with each sign my dedicated volunteer team places on a lawn, we will deliver a white pine or white spruce seedling to the homeowner. Residents will have the option of planting the tree on their property or donating it back to be planted in Kanata North community spaces such as the Beaver Pond. I am looking forward to seeing these trees grow over time, to further green our beautiful community!

This initiative also highlights one of my main priorities, a priority that is shared across the Kanata North community. As I go door to door, you have made it clear that the environment is an important issue and that City Council must play a critical role in protecting our beautiful city. As your representative, I will work hard to make Ottawa an environmental leader by providing the stewardship and education needed to preserve and grow the future of our city and its green spaces.

I’d like to thank everyone that has volunteered to accept a lawn sign and welcome anyone that is interested in receiving one to contact me. This process has been a humbling experience, and I appreciate the support I have received from our amazing community.

I look forward to the next two months as I continue to work hard to gain your confidence to serve as your next City Councillor for Kanata North.