How we Move, Grow & Thrive: Kanata North Youth

As I've been sharing my priorities for our community, it is critical we address challenges around how we move, grow and thrive together in Kanata North. These challenges are different depending on many factors including age. As a community champion, business leader and mother of three daughters, I believe we need to ensure our youth are engaged and well served in Kanata North.

We must ensure we have public transit and safe cycling routes in place that enable our youth to get around our community, to provide them with the independence that is critical to their growth. Whether that is by bus, by foot or by bicycle, we need to ensure our youth have safe options available to them.

Secondly, as the inaugural President of the Kanata North Business Association, I believe we need to be exposing our kids to the many businesses in our community and the thousands of careers offered right here in Kanata North. I am committed to formalizing a program that would enable our educators, parents, and business community, to come together to showcase and expose our kids to the many incredible opportunities to learn and to plan their careers right here in our community.

I am also committed to establishing a Kanata North Youth Council that I will meet with on a regular basis. This Council will be tasked with identifying priorities for youth in Kanata North to pursue projects and improvements that will better serve the youth in our community.

Our youth are our future. Giving them the opportunity to participate in our community and ensuring their voices are heard must be a priority for Kanata North.